Watermelon "Cake"


Serving fresh Market melon in balls and wedges is common, but stacking them together like a cake makes a whimsical dessert.  Don’t just stop at the watermelon…kick it up a few notches.  Make it a confetti cake with crumpled feta cheese and mint.  Drizzle a favored balsamic vinegar on top.  Rim the plate with fresh berries and peaches.  Serve it with a delectable pasty item and a glass of crisp wine or sangria from Glunz.  Shop the Market.  The possibilities are endless.

watermelon cake.jpg


1 seedless watermelon (about 14 pounds)


1.      Cut top and bottom thirds off 1 seedless watermelon (about 14 pounds); reserve.

2.      Cut middle third of watermelon into wedges.

3.      Scoop flesh from ends into balls using a melon baller. Arrange balls on top of wedges.

Recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart Living